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Any development firm can design and program an application, just as any mechanic can fix a car. However, when your organization’s success and survival is directly linked to your IT solution, it is essential to work with a company that brings more than just technical know-how to the table. Your solution provider must share your organization’s sense of integrity, urgency and dedication to the project. At Saga Technologies, our team sees every client as a partner, internalizing each need and addressing it as if it were our own. Our people create the solution – technology is merely the tool. You can see this philosophy manifested in our core values:

1. Integrity and Honesty
We insist on approaching every task with the highest level of consistency and integrity. Communication is always honest and fair. This is the old-fashioned way to earn trust and respect and we don’t think it should change.

2. Focus on People
We believe our success is driven by the commitment and excellence of our people. We nurture personal and professional growth for our team by creating a challenging environment with opportunities to learn and develop. This is how we can help to create tomorrow's pioneers and leaders.

3. Insistence on Quality
We realize that the excellence of our organization is measured by the quality of our work. In order to ensure that we achieve the best in everything we do, we formalize quality engineering, testing and service practices and benchmarks to ensure we satisfy both our own and our clients’ quality expectations every step of the way.

4. Service Orientation
Customer satisfaction is our primary business value. No matter how advanced, robust or functional, a solution isn’t a solution unless the client recognizes its value and can realize its ROI. This is why we emphasize customer service as the anchor around which all other activities are based. We’re in the technology industry, but when it all boils down, it’s still about people.

5. Effective Communication
We understand that effective communication is an integral part of client service. In order for communication to be effective, it must be responsive, relevant and consistent. This is why we have implemented a feedback policy that ensures effective and productive communication in regards to all project-related issues. In addition to an assurance that all client questions and concerns are responded to in the shortest turnaround possible, we also proactively keep our clients up-to-date on the status of their project, providing them with reports and updates on an ongoing basis.

6. Cost Effectiveness
Saga Technologies was built from the ground up to be a high-caliber development firm with a business structure that enables us to deliver maximum cost effectiveness to our clients. Using streamlined collaboration tools and a mobile project team, we can significantly reduce costs for our clients, accelerate schedules and improve project quality. In fact, our blended on-site and fixed-cost project structure can achieve up to a 70% reduction in development cost and time.