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Saga Technologies possesses in-depth experience in a variety of industry-specific applications and business processes. Below are just a few examples of innovative development projects that we have successfully executed for our clients:

Public Sector: Structured Decision Making Program, Social Work Case Management Portal

Medical Financial and Billing Software, Database-Driven Diagnostic Interface

Financial Services:
Online Trading and Account Management Application, Insurance Management System

Sea Port Logistics:
iMarine Service Manager (specialized billing management application)

Catalog Management Module, Direct-link Manufacturer-Integrated retail storefront

Customer Self-Care System

Industrial Distribution: Worldwide Electronic Component Exchange (voted "Best of the Web" by Forbes), Bill of Materials (BOM) Analyzer

SagaHA: A foundation for intelligent storage virtualization and data protection

InstantRecovery:The software for computer system recovery and business continuity

ClusterSafe:Lightweight high availability software

GCloud:High cost-efficient private cloud platform

SANServer:High cost-efficient storage virtualization platform

TPMService:Live data migration service based on transparent path migration technology