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Executive Arrangement Leverages Strengths of Both Companies to Enhance Sales, Service and Products

CERRITOS, CA, May 24, 2005—
Saga Technologies, a software development and IT consulting provider, officially announced today the initiation of a unique business partnership with Aztek Software, a provider of enterprise software tools. In this arrangement, the two entities will continue to operate independently, but officers, resources and revenues will be pooled for certain projects requiring the products or services of both companies. By entering into this symbiotic relationship, Saga Technologies and Aztek Software hope to leverage each others’ strengths to offer clients greater flexibility, quicker turnaround and superior deliverables.

Since 2000, Saga Technologies has provided application development services and consulting for clients in both the public and private sector. Founded in 2002, Aztek Software provides software products and tools for developers of enterprise solutions to customize and adapt for various industry-specific needs. Prior to the partnership, Saga Technologies was a customer of Aztek, purchasing its customizable software products to use as the development platform for several client projects. As the two companies began working together on a number of large-scale development projects, officers of the company saw an opportunity to join forces to not only service existing clients, but to pursue new business opportunities.

“Our core competency is the process analysis and architecting central to the development of web-enabled enterprise solutions. For such projects, our customer gets better results and can save on costs if we implement existing software and custom configure it to their needs,” explained Jason Xue, Director of Saga Technologies. “By partnering with Aztek to use and modify their time-tested software products, we can deliver quality custom applications at a lower cost and with shorter turnaround time.”

“Aztek Software’s niche has always been to provide development firms with the basic platform software that they need to do their magic,” explained Jim Lin, founder of Aztek Software. “Jason’s team is among the best custom developers I have worked with, and my team’s forte lies in the development, training and marketing of a set of basic, yet quality-driven products. By combining our core strengths in this manner, we will surely contribute to each others’ growth and momentum.”

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In the present arrangement, the Saga team supplements Aztek’s product offerings by taking on development or consulting projects that Aztek brings in through sales of its software suites. Saga Technologies also serves as the implementation and support team behind Aztek’s products. Aztek has lent its operational and marketing expertise to Saga Technologies by positioning Jim and his team at the helm of Saga Technologies’ Account Management, Sales and Marketing departments.

About Saga Technologies
Headquartered in Los Angeles, Saga Technologies provides software development and IT consulting services to companies and organizations worldwide. Saga Technologies utilizes a unique approach that merges individual talent, global resources and advanced technology to provide quality, cost effective total solutions that empower each of its clients to realize unprecedented levels of productivity.

About Aztek Software
Deriving inspiration for its name from the ancient civilization whose simple yet effective innovations served as the building block for so many civilizations to follow, Aztek Software provides the basic applications that enable businesses and organizations to develop solutions tailored to their specific needs. Aimed at the custom developer, Aztek’s product offerings, including LivePortal.NET and LiveForum.NET are designed to facilitate custom development and integration into larger enterprise portals, systems or standalone applications.