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Competencies Achieved in the Categories of Custom Development Solutions, Business Process & Integration Solutions, ISV/Software Solutions and Data Management Solutions

CERRITOS, CA, March 8, 2006 —Saga Technologies, a software development and IT consulting provider, announced today that it has achieved the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with four key Microsoft competency categories: Custom Development Solutions, Business Process & Integration Solutions, ISV/Software Solutions and Data Management Solutions. Earning Gold Certified Partner status places Saga Technologies among an elite group of firms who have demonstrated the highest degree of competence in working with Microsoft technologies to deliver intelligent solutions and address the needs of their customers.

“We are very proud to have become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner,” said Jason Xue, Saga Technologies’ President. “Since our founding, we have worked diligently to implement the best solutions to help our clients achieve their business and technology goals. Microsoft products have always been at the core of our strategies, so this recognition not only validates our past efforts, it more importantly opens the door to deepening our expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies to achieve unprecedented results for our clients.”

The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program provides customers with a standardized way to identify companies that possess a higher level expertise and commitment working with Microsoft products and technologies in one or more specialized areas. To earn the status of a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a company must demonstrate substantial experience and achievement in a number of areas, including staff Microsoft certifications, tested products and solutions based on Microsoft technologies and positive customer references and feedback. Among the many engagements that helped to qualify Saga Technologies for Gold Partner status are three custom development projects that leveraged the latest Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework and Visual Studio 2005, as well as a recent MS SQL Server 2005 upgrade project.

The activities and solutions that comprise Saga Technologies’ four competency areas are outlined by Microsoft:

Custom Development Solutions:
The Custom Development Solutions competency is designed for partners that are providing custom-developed solutions to customers who require value-added capabilities to optimize business opportunities. This competency encompasses the following three specializations:

Application Infrastructure Development -- focuses on delivering applications built using components of the Windows Server System, which includes Windows Server 2003, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Products and Technologies, and Visual Studio.
Smart Client Development -- focuses on delivering custom-developed solutions accessed through a client, such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Tools for Office, and Microsoft Office.
Web Development -- focuses on delivering Web-enabled deployment solutions required in organizations that wish to operate and transact through the Internet using Visual Studio, ASP.NET, IIS, Windows Server 2003, and SQL Server.

Business Process & Integration Solutions:
Microsoft solutions partners with competency in this category help organizations build integrated, interoperable, modularized, extensible, and secure e-business solutions that connect information, systems, people, and processes. This competency demonstrates proven proficiency in implementing and deploying server-based portals for driving Internet commerce, and business process applications featuring:

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Business-to-business application integration
Business Process Management (BPM) Internet Business
Digital Rights Management
Web Application/Portal Development
Web Based Workflow/Orchestration Solutions

ISV/Software Solutions:
The Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency is designed to provide additional benefits and support to Microsoft Certified Partners and Gold Certified Partners that specialize in developing and marketing packaged software solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Enroll in the ISV/Software Solutions Competency and gain access to a multitude of resources that will help you:

Build Better Products: Identify market trends using online market research to help you plan your business and develop targeted solutions for your customers. And, get additional MSDN software, internal business use licenses, technical training, architectural guidance, and more to get your applications developed and tested on the Microsoft platform.
Enhance Market Presence: Promote your expertise to customers and increase market access by associating your company with the Microsoft brand. Also receive priority listings in Microsoft partner directories, qualify for participation in technical enablement, marketing and sales initiatives for ISVs, and more.
Drive Profit and Growth: Promote your solutions, collaborate with other partners, and expand into new markets with online tools and events. Also gain the opportunity to co-market your solutions with Microsoft.

Data Management Solutions:
The Data Management Solutions competency is for partners specializing in business intelligence and database applications with a proven competency in implementing solutions in either one of the following specializations:

Delivering services, tools, and application business intelligence using SQL Server technology.
Delivering migration tools and services, database administration tools and services and performance tools using SQL Server technology.