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iNOC5 Case Study

ClearPath Networks offers the industry's most compelling set of managed network services, including iVPN, the industry's first MPLS network-based VPN with a fully integrated online management platform. The company provides a greater breadth and depth of customer-controllable managed service offerings than any other outsourced service provider.

The client wanted to enhance its ability to help small and mid-sized businesses reduce the costs, complexity, and associated risks of building and managing a high-performance Wide Area Network (WAN).

To achieve this, the client needed to develop a business-to-business system that could do the following:

• Support value added resellers (VARs) with a central place (master
  account) to monitor and manage their customers.
• Provide customers and VARs with a permission management tool that
  features advanced role and functional control.
• Allow VARs to customize iNOC and private label iNOC via an easy-to-use
  configuration tool.
• Consolidate databases between engineering DBs.

In addition, the client wanted to build a replication process between the OSS DB and Engineering DB.

After collecting user and business requirements and analyzing the existing system, a multi-tiered web application was designed to meet the client’s needs in performance availability, security, maintainability and flexibility. The finished application incorporated the following features:

• A single web-based infrastructure that integrates global aspects of the
  company with VARs, allowing for enterprise-wide information access.
• A Master Account for VARs, which supports them in the management of
  customers under their channel via a single master login.
• Permission Management, which allows VARs to update their profile,
  upload a logo, customize menus, create default users, customize
  layouts, etc.
• A backend database consolidation process. To consolidate all
  engineering databases into one single database, a replication process
  was set up between the OSS and engineering databases, from which the
  iNOC application was re-mapped.
• Private Labeling, done via a dynamic and database driven iNOC
  application that applies a private label template.

Client Benefit
ClearPath succeeded in lowering the total cost of WAN ownership for businesses throughout the United States by delivering fully integrated network-based applications with higher performance and reliability at a more affordable price than traditional CPE-based VPN and managed service providers.

Enabled by a team of highly experienced architects, software developers and database specialists, ClearPath is now equipped to level the playing field for underserved businesses challenged with the high cost of managing distributed applications across a Wide Area Network.

Technologies Utilized

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